Healthy and unhealthy food

The Curious Nutritionist rejects the ‘HEALTHY AND UNHEALTHY FOOD’ narrative. That’s right and I agree that this may seem a controversial statement but I need to differentiate myself from the crowd and the common concepts taught by some teachers and health professionals too. I’m not your average nutritionist because I’m also a primary teacher. I’m

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How sensitive is a child’s brain to food marketing?

How food is marketed has a powerful influence over consumer behaviour and purchases. Have you ever considered that food marketing targeted at children is to groom them towards lifelong brand loyalty? Children are particularly vulnerable to food advertising due to their stage of cognitive development. Young children think logically in concrete terms; this means thinking

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That Sugar Activity

Confession: I’m a teacher, nutritionist and feeding therapist. I refuse to place a bunch of soft drink bottles on a table along with sugar cubes and ask children to guess how much sugar is in each drink. Nor do I use the same concept with chocolate bars, lollies, cereals, condiments and fruit. Why I hear

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The Australian Health Curriculum – Is it helping or harming our children?

“When you eat junk food, you get fat!” and “Is this food healthy?” When working with children, there’s nothing off limits and thoughts are heard out loud. Children think it and say it. These are the kinds of comments and questions I’ve had from primary students in the last twelve months. This seems to be

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Boosting Children’s Brain Fitness

The human brain is a fascinating organ that we continue to learn more about. The fitness of the brain is also known as cognitive fitness. Cognitive fitness is the “state of optimized ability to reason, remember, learn, plan, and adapt.”[1] Maintaining brain health and fitness relies on a number of factors; optimal nutrition, regular physical

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An Open Letter to my Teacher

I have the privilege of working in schools in my capacity as both a teacher and nutritionist. Earlier this year I wrote an article about the over-policing of school lunch boxes that hit a nerve with many. While I am highly critical about ‘Healthy Lunch Box’ policies, I do understand where teachers are coming from

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