About TCN

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I’m a children’s education nutritionist and primary teacher based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. With over 25 years of teaching under my belt, I’ve transformed my passion for education into a mission: to bring the joy of food education to school communities. I create engaging, hands-on food learning experiences for children, fostering curiosity and healthy eating habits. Additionally, I collaborate with schools and the broader education sector to inspire positive change and nurture a love of learning through the wonders of food.

My food education programs and workshops are evidence-based, equipping adults and children with a toolkit of food skills and literacy in order to embed it in their everyday lives. My special interest in child development, feeding behaviours and developmentally appropriate health messages help schools and parents navigate the world of nutrition practically and with success. My lens towards curiosity with a touch of creativity makes food education become practical and achievable for all.

Further Training:

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