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Curious Information for Schools

The Curious Nutritionist endeavors to support school communities to learn about food, bodies and health through online resources and products. This aims to provide practical and simple tools to enrich families and schools to build healthy relationships with food, promote physical activity and body positivity along with learning to navigate wider health messages.

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Curious Information for Teachers

The Curious Nutritionist supports teachers and schools in understanding evidence based information about food and nutrition in a practical and realistic terms. Teacher professional learning, learning design as well as personal development is offered from a range of topics and can be tailored to suit your school’s needs.

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Curious Tools
for Teachers

The Curious Nutritionist provides enrichment tools to support the delivery of safe food and nutrition education. School communities and families can access quality evidence-informed resources and programs that foster positive relationships with food that promote health and wellbeing, and encourage lifelong healthy eating habits.

Primary School Incursions

The Curious Nutritionist works with primary schools to provide nutrition and health programs that promote healthy eating through engaging students with practical ‘hands on’ learning experiences.

Curious Articles

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